welcome to the newbold sisterhood

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It all started when…

If you are a woman and you attend Newbold Church, then welcome to The Newbold Sisterhood!
We believe that each one of us has a story to tell and we are here to support and encourage each other.
Our motto is “Lean in, connect and flourish.”

The Newbold Sisterhood started in 2011 with a small group of women coming together to pray for an event and now it has become a safe place for women to gather – in prayer groups, at Sabbath School, and even online via our blog, Facebook and Instagram.
If it’s your first time here, we know that Newbold Church can seem like a very big church with so many members but here are 3 steps you can take to get plugged into The Newbold Sisterhood.
Step 1: Get to know other women in The Sisterhood by attending our events or meetings:
Sisterhood Sabbath School (twice a month)
The Sisterhood Sabbath School especially for women which takes place every 2nd and 4th week of the month in Salisbury Hall (1st Floor, Committee Room B) between 10:00 and 11:00 am. This is run in a drop in informal manner and you are welcome to join whether or not you have studied the lesson that week. The class begins with a discussion followed by prayer in twos and threes.
Sisterhood Sabbath School classes to take place in 2018:
13 and 27 January
10 and 24 February
10 and 24 March
14 and 28 April
12 and 26 May
9 and 23 June
14 and 28 July
11 and 25 August
8 and 22 September
13 and 27 October
10 and 24 November
8 and 22 December
We are currently planning our events for 2018 and will be posting more information about them at the end of January.

Step 2: Be part of our community
1. Prayer Groups…
There are 4 Sisterhood prayer groups who either meet by Skype or face to face or both! There is something special about getting powerful prayer support from a prayer group and we have seen incredible things happen because of prayer. Would you like to join a prayer group? If you would like to join a group or start up a new group yourself, please contact Eileen – eileenjsb@gmail.com.
2. Leadership…
In each prayer group, we have 2 leaders who co-lead the group and who are also part of our leadership group who consist of women we have identified to have great leadership potential and need support in developing their leadership skills. Are you interested in becoming a prayer group leader? We strongly support anyone who steps outside of their comfort zone and is interested in being involved in serving others and making a difference from what is in their hand.
3. Behind the scenes Sisterhood
This includes helping out others when they’re going through a hard time. Not only praying for them but also practical ways. Bringing them food, picking up and looking after children, taking people to and fro on hospital visits. Being a friend – a real friend. The Newbold Sisterhood’s heart is big. It is not inclusive and judgmental. It will always be a safe place for anyone to fall.
4. Blog

Need some encouragement outside of the weekend? Read our blog edited by Sisterhood members, Anna Radosh and Judith Nyirenda.
5. Subscribe to our newsletter where we can keep you regularly informed on what is happening in The Newbold Sisterhood direct into your inbox.
Step 3: We need you! Don’t hide in the corners – reach out and step out!
The Newbold Sisterhood is not a clique. We want to link the generations and many cultures found here at Newbold Church which represent the Sisterhood. Your talent and commitment is to be nurtured and used for a greater purpose.
Here are some of the women from whom you can find out more information about The Newbold Sisterhood:
Leader of The Newbold Sisterhood: Eileen Becejac
Women Prayer Group leaders: Mariola Pedreira, Vladana Santic, Anna Radosh, Bruna Petrovic
Sisterhood Sabbath School teachers: Anett Bay, Anna Radosh, Kari Johnson, Johannie Gungadoo
Blog editors: Judith Nyirenda, Anna Radosh, Eileen Becejac
Key Operations Officers: Elena Bally, Marinela Silvestre
If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in The Newbold Sisterhood, do let us know. If you already do take part in any form, we are so glad that you do because we wouldn’t exist without you!
Please go to our Facebook page which has photos of our events and posts that will strengthen and inspire you. In the meantime, here is a short highlights video of our annual Sisterhood conference – Our Story Our Song – which was held on 19 November 2016 for you to understand what The Newbold Sisterhood is all about…