Women’s advocacy group



We provide practical support to women in our community who have experienced sexual harassment in their workplace or any kind of bullying at home or in the workplace.

If you have experienced any kind of abuse or bullying in your life, there is a group of women who are willing to stand alongside you and support you in whatever you’re going through.

We intend to meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month and our first meeting is on the 17th of September in the meeting room in the Church Centre at 8 pm.

We’re going to be meeting to pray for anyone who is going through a challenging period in their life. We’re here to believe you, to hold your hand and then if necessary direct you to professionals who could even help you further.

If you’re going through a challenging time, you don’t have to turn up on those Tuesdays to talk – you can also speak to us in person or email us for any type of support you need. We will try our best to be there for you.

This Advocacy group is starting up as part of The Newbold Sisterhood but it’s also about telling those of you in the fringes of this community that you are loved. Man, Woman, Child, LGBTQ. Everybody - you are loved and we want to provide a community for you to have THE COURAGE TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

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