prayer groups



There is something special about getting powerful prayer support from a prayer group and we have seen incredible things happen because of prayer.

There are 4 Sisterhood prayer groups who either meet by Skype or face to face or both.

  1. Prayer Group 1 meets online via Skype every Monday and face to face when arranged. (Leader: Bruna Petrovic)

  2. Prayer Group 2 meets online via Skype every Wednesday and face to face when arranged (Leader: Anna Radosh)

  3. Prayer Group 3 meets online via Skype almost every Thursday and face to face the first Thursday of every month (Leader: Eileen Becejac)

  4. Prayer Group 4 meets every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sabbath in Committee Room B, Salisbury Hall and is a face to face group (Joint leaders: Mariola Pedreira and Vladana). This group also accepts anyone dropping in on an informal basis.

The way all our prayer groups works is that it's a safe place to fall - no judgement, no guilt for not being able to make it each time, for example. The main objective is to pray together and for each other. Confidentiality is crucial.

Would you like to join a prayer group?

If you would like to join a group or start up a new group yourself, please email us.

Would you like to be prayed for?

Fill out the form below. You don't have to fill out your name or give too many details away. We will simply pray for you.