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It's Your Journey, Step Sisters - Area 5 Women’s Emphasis Day

  • Leighton Park School Shinfield Road Reading, England United Kingdom (map)
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You are warmly invited to "It's Your Journey, Step Sisters" - Area 5 Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day

We want you to know that every woman's journey matters, whatever generation you find yourself in!

Join us for an inspiring day where our speakers include Audrey Andersson, Executive Secretary, TED, Pastor Maslin Holness, SEC Women's Ministries Director, Pastor Tabitha Cedenio, from Holland TED, Laura Osei and many other leading women. As well as the main plenary sessions, there will be relevant and practical workshops.

Please note that women aged 12+ are invited to attend. Register in advance to receive a complimentary gift upon your arrival. Seats are limited so it is very important that you book your ticket in advance.

MAIN SPEAKER OF THE DAY - Audrey Andersson

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On completion of her BA in Theology from Newbold College of Higher Education, Audrey joined a commercial publishing company, due to a lack of openings in the church structure. Following a five-year stint in marketing, she transitioned to becoming Legal Editor, with responsibility for a team of 20 reporters, barristers and lawyers.

At the same time doors opened for Audrey to serve as a lay person, particularly in the areas of Children’s Ministries, and developing resources for the Conference,Union and Division.

Meeting and marrying a Swedish farmer, opened new opportunities. After commuting to London for five years, Audrey set up my own communications company in Sweden.

She  was called to work for the Swedish Union Conference as Executive Secretary in 2003. Initially on a part-time basis, it quickly became a more than full time calling which used the business, management and communication skills, in addition to her theological training. To refine and improve her pastoral skills, Audrey completed an MA in pastoral ministry in 2009.

In 2010, Audrey was called to be Executive Secretary of the Trans European Division, a position she has held since then. Being the only women officer of a Division, Audrey has developed a specific interest in why there are not more women in leadership and when women are placed in leadership positions, what are the factors which ensure or limit their success.


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Lorraine Anderson has been working in the field of domestic and sexual violence for 10 years. After completing her degree in Psychology she started working for the Witness Service in South Western Magistrates Court and Balham Youth Court in which she offered emotional and practical support to those attending court to give evidence. Lorraine then went on to work for Victim Support as a Victim Care Officer in which she regularly came into contact with individuals who experienced domestic and sexual abuse.

Lorraine has a passion for sharing information about unhealthy and abusive relationships and how to spot the signs. One of her previous roles involved delivering a 10 week training and awareness course on Violence Against Women and Girls. The course was delivered to young people (11yrs - 25yrs) as well as adult professionals and practitioners. Topics covered include, domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking, child sexual exploitation, prostitution, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honour based violence.

Lorraine currently does work in the A&E department of one of London’s Major Trauma Centre’s where she delivers DV training to medical staff as well as supporting young people and young adults who have experienced abuse.

Lorraine is a qualified Domestic Abuse Prevention Advocate (DAPA) and also holds a post graduate certificate in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice. She is also a member of Croydon Seventh Day Adventist Church and is keen to share her expertise with those around her for the edification of the church family and the surrounding communities.


1. It's Okay: "You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” - with Dr Sarah Itam  

Sarah Itam is a urological surgeon currently working in University College London Hospitals. She is also a passionate advocate in the field of public health awareness, speaking on a range of topics and has presented all over the UK and internationally. With over 10 years experience in clinical practice, Sarah is able to deliver informed messages and practical advice for healthy living and lifestyle. She has an instinctive flair for explaining complex health conditions in easily understood terms, always keeping her audience focused and engaged. Sarah is also an experienced broadcaster presenting her own online channel “Health In HD” - an exciting series of documentaries and informative videos exploring holistic health and well-being.

Whether we like to admit it or not, stress is one of the biggest threats to our health. It’s linked to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. From childhood onwards, we are all susceptible to stress and it is thought that women in particular are substantially more at risk than men. This workshop will review the effects of stress on the body and the ways in which we can manage it for a better, healthier lifestyle.

2. “Proverbs 31 Woman, Wonder Woman, the Dora Milaje and me” - with Pastor Tabitha Cedenio

Tabitha Cedenio is the Pastor of two Churches in the Netherlands. Tabitha is originally from London but has followed God's call to the mission field in the Netherlands. She resides there with her husband and three children. Her life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women how to live up to their full potential in Christ. Pastor Tabitha has more than a decade of teaching and counseling, which enable her to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency and strength. She is a wife, mother, author, teacher, conference speaker, and mentor.

Pastor Tabitha is currently working on developing her online pastoral ministry. She has been working online in her small corner helping those without a church or Pastor to reach a full relationship in Christ. It is her aim to further develop this project in the coming months.

This talk takes a look into the life of the Proverbs 31 Woman and asks does this only happen in superhero movies. Come and experience the real power of a woman. 

3. "The War Room" - with Laura Osei

Headteacher, 37 years teaching experience, writer, public speaker, songwriter, guitar player, passionate about Christian Education and the power of prayer, Laura is the wife of Pastor Emmanuel Osei and the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 2 adorable grandchildren.

 The War Room Workshop:

  • Women are under spiritual attack
  • Types of attack
  • Who are we at War with
  • Do we need a War Room?
  • Can we win this war?
  • The Open Secret of Overcoming

4. "Leaders with high heels and high ideals” - Audrey Andersson

Being a leader is not easy. Being a leader and a woman brings additional challenges.

How do we:

  • Deal with boundaries?
  • Make our voice heard?
  • Take our seat at the table?
  • Find the right balance between work and home.

The workshop will look at leadership from a female perspective and how we can be more effective tools in the service of the Master

5. “Online Presence” - How to use Social Media to Evangelise with Shannon Alexander   

Shannon Alexander is a young woman who has a passion for sharing God with people despite how often it goes against her natural instincts. She believes in a very real and practical God whose ambition it is to prove how loving He is to all.

She will be sharing her journey with social media - The Good, the Bad and the Best; as she seeks to challenge each women to use what they already have in the palm of their hands - to STEP into God's calling for their life.

6. “Imposter Syndrome & the Many Faces Women have to Wear" –  with Angela Sterling-Noel

Angela Sterling-Noel is the Founder & CEO of Enamour UK. She is passionate about the emotional wellbeing of people from all generations and her life’s mission is to empower others to effectively design their lives for excellence and purpose. She is a BACP Registered Psychotherapist and since 2003 has been working in private practice as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, trainer and Clinical Supervisor. She specialises in trauma and abuse; and has a special interest in the inner-child and the systemic impact on families.

She also provides CPD training for Counsellors, and Psycho-Education workshops for clients and the public, on subjects such as abuse, stress, depression and anxiety. Angela is the author of Fruits of Gratitude: A Self-Healing Journey Through Gratitude.

Throughout the many years of her career she has studied several approaches to counselling and psychotherapy in her quest to help her fellow human beings with the various challenges that they face. She does not believe that one shoe fits all and therefore helps each client’s unique presentation of issues with a programme tailored to their specific needs. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach and specialises her coaching practice in divorce coaching, giving her client’s back the joy, they lost.

Formerly she was a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Buckinghamshire New University and a Counselling Coordinator at Youthline Ltd. During this appointment, she supported the development of trainee counsellors and worked with parents and their children’s emotional wellbeing.

Who is it for?
If you are a woman who has you felt like a fraud and worry that you will be find out; then this is the workshop for you! This workshop will be informative and fun with the opportunity to be creative. Participants will be invited to openly share difficult challenges that women experience. Here you will find out why capable women suffer from imposter syndrome and how you an overcome it, become confident and soar through life.

What will you learn? 
• What is Impostor Syndrome
• What are the many faces women wear
• How these feelings develop
• The harmful effects of Impostor Syndrome
• How to overcome and gain mastery over Imposter Syndrome
• Finding your resourceful self – God’s Masterpiece

Participants will gain confidence in whatever life area they feel unsure of and walk away feeling filled with a feeling of healing and wellbeing so that the outer-self matches the inner-self. They can discard the mask of the imposter and present themselves in their true glory -Their Authentic self

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