One Sisterhood sharing one hope and one faith

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Mariola Pedreira remembers the warm welcome she and Anna Radosh received in Łódź, Poland, in October 2018, when the Newbold Sisterhood was invited to speak and participate at a women’s event…

"We had already felt at home when we arrived but nothing prepared us for the lovely welcome received from the local church. As I walked through the lovely venue, I could already hear the worship music being played in the church building as they were getting ready to start.

I had a few minutes to spare and decided to take a quick peek around the place. I couldn’t help but notice one room at the back of the building indicating that they were very well prepared for our visit. As I entered this room, I was instantly met with a view of a long decorated table, with beautifully arranged plates containing incredibly big juicy grapes and shinny red apples. This brought such a warmth to my heart. I could already feel their love thanks to such display and I was aware that I had not met everyone yet.

This reminded me of another special event during Jesus' time. I could not help but wonder if this must have been what the disciples and Jesus felt as they walked into the Upper Room for what was to be their last supper.

Little did I know that at the same time about 120 women from all over Poland were making their way to the venue. As we began the programme the worship team did an incredible job. They created an amazing ambience for all of us that there was no choice but to totally surrender all our mundane thoughts and allow the music and the adoration bring us closer to God. The songs, the psalms, the humble morning prayer still gives me goosebumps as I remember what a blessed time we all had.

We had the opportunity to share God’s word, testimonies and a few personal accounts. Some of them were so emotive that they brought tears to our eyes, and many claps would break out of respect and recognition for the courage in sharing their stories, their songs, with us. Everything was done with absolute love and respect for the other person. For me, this was evidence of how God is continually at work in our lives and our communities of faith, and most definitely in the lives of our sisters in Poland.

Time and time again Anna Radosh and I heard how happy the women were to be there with us, how blessed by what we were trying to do and most importantly what they were taking away with them in order that other sisters could also be blessed along the way. They were willing and ready to start their own prayer groups, make friendly use of the technology available to them in order to cover each individual need and corner of their country.

As the sun was setting in the sky, we continued to answer the last few questions of the day, sharing our encouragement and hope that God will guide them in their future and willingness to serve.

We were invited to come back anytime being reminded by the Elder that we are all sisters no matter where we are, where we have come from or where God has placed us. This thought stayed with me as I walked out of the church. Since our visit, I have reflected a lot about the day, the ladies I met, the stories I heard.

I've realised that she was was so right...we are all sisters, we are ONE SISTERHOOD sharing one hope and one faith.”