Struggling is OK

Struggling is OK.png

The other day I bought some items in a shop and when I got to the till, I realised that I had forgotten my credit card AND my cash in the office!

Has that ever happened to you? To get out of the shopping centre itself, I would have needed to pay and I wasn't sure what to do.

I immediately rang my sister-in-law, who used to work for the shopping centre, and she advised me to speak to the car parking staff to see if they would take payment over the phone. It turned out that this would not be acceptable.

Even worse, the whole conversation took place over the loudspeaker on the parking payment machine within the hearing range of many people much to my embarrassment.

Could my day get even worse?

In the end, they allowed me to leave the car park for free.

As I turned around feeling extremely relieved, there was a young lady who had been listening behind me and she said, "I was going to give you the money if they said that you needed to pay!"

Sometimes, we don't get the opportunity to experience someone else's compassion and kindness unless we ourselves are going through a struggle.

Other times, we get the chance to be the compassionate ones to others going through their very own struggles.

We forget that it's OK to be the ones that need rescuing.

We don't always have to be the superheroes.

Allowing ourselves to be helped reminds us we are not in control. We need to hand over sometimes to someone else, or a higher power.

When we pray and ask God to take over? Do we let Him? Or do we always seek to be the one swooping down to save the day?

Let Him. Let go.