About us

Our Vision 
We would like to be the emerging generation of bold, beautiful women of God whose strength and confidence are restored through the power of the Holy Spirit and the healing sanctuary of the church; to be loving, nurturing women who know our worth and have a song of radical freedom in Christ in our hearts.

In the beginning...
We did not know each other at all. We used to see each other in church and sometimes we might have stopped and said:
“Hi, how are you doing?”
“Fine, fine, fine.”
Then carry on.

But something in our hearts pulled us together and in June 2011, a small group of women from Newbold Church got together. How we got together is another story in itself.  However, we came together as a group to pray for and support each other and eventually to organise a women’s gathering in November later on in the year.

We realised that it would be quite difficult to meet up in person every week so we decided to meet up online via Skype (taking advantage of the technology available!) and then we would also commit to meeting up in person once a month.

And now...
The women in our group have blossomed, flourished and grown in Spirit. Three more prayer groups have started since 2012 and we have realised that no matter what your story has been or what you think it’s going to be, you can change the path you’re on by opening up yourself to others and most importantly find acceptance and forgiveness via Jesus Christ our Saviour.

You do not have to be part of a prayer group to be part of The Newbold Sisterhood.  If you are a woman and you attend Newbold Church, you are automatically part of our sisterhood.


'Our Story Our Song 2018' - The Newbold Sisterhood Conference every November

'Our Story Our Song 2018' - The Newbold Sisterhood Conference every November